Checklist for Branding your Product

A superior product deserves a superior brand. After all, the trademark is going to do much of the marketing for you. Care must be taken to create the best possible brand to get that superior product out there in front of the public and embedded in the eyes and minds of the consumer. A simple checklist for determining whether your brand will get the job done goes like … [Read more...]

Importance of Colors in Branding

Why Colors are Important in Branding

As a business owner, you may be thinking you want your company to have a bright neon green and burnt orange colored logo so everyone will notice and remember it. Oh, they will notice and remember it alright, but for all the wrong reasons. What you need to do before ordering company shirts with the new bright logo embroidered on them, is think about the importance of color in … [Read more...]

Home Insurance for Flood Risk – Are you covered in case of a flood?

With all that’s going on in this nation now days, with hurricane Irene, Maria, and all the others, many of us wonder if we have enough insurance to cover us if we have a flood. It’s a good question, and one we should take seriously. Preparedness is what we are all about nowadays, here in the US. There are a few steps you can take to see if you are covered. If you follow these … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Deal with your First Job Interview

For most people the idea of an interview is a sweat inducing one; if you have never been an interview one yet then you are probably young or have never worked and you are in the minority to begin with. So this may help you get prepared. How has employment changed over the years and why do you have to know? If you have been out of the employment game for a while you know … [Read more...]

Do You Have What it Takes for a Social Marketing Career?

So, you think you want to pursue a career in social marketing, but you aren’t quite sure if you have what it takes. A brief look at seven key social marketing skills will help you determine in which areas you have the potential to excel, and also allow you to note skills that you may need to further develop if this career is on your horizon. At the heart of a social … [Read more...]

Call Center Job Duties and Responsibilities

Working for a call-center is more than just sitting in a cubical and answering a phone. There are many different call centers around. They are a large part of the current, modern, global job-force. Call-centers come in many different shapes and sizes and the focus for each, can be different. Some are geared for (but not limited to) sales and technical assistance, and some are … [Read more...]

Free Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Money is tight: Small businesses struggle most of the time, but in these economic times, every dollar saved keeps you that much closer to remaining in business. Perhaps you need to cut some corners in your business spending, and you’re thinking about your marketing strategy. There are many good ways to market your small company without spending a lot of your hard-earned … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Handle Rude or Abusive Comments on Your Blog

There are and always will be those who feel the need to point out everyone’s flaws. Some of these unpleasant people even seem to thrive on their unkind behavior. Unfortunately, blog writers suffer from rude and abusive comments, and they seem to deal with the remarks even more often due to the anonymity of the internet. So, as a writer of a blog, how do you handle these … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Impress the Interview Board

You can find hundreds of articles about how to impress the review board, but what it all really comes down to are these seven things. Here they are. Be Who You Are This may sound a bit dicey as I have met some of you and a few of you aren't that impressive, but for the most part this general rule holds. What the review board is looking for (amongst other things) is a … [Read more...]

How to Develop a Brand for Small Businesses

Logos and their layouts The layout of your logo actually doesn't count in the end. Would you decide on MSN as your search engine rather than Google because of the logo? No. What about Dell or Apple? No. Having an attractive competently designed logo is perfect, but it hardly ever rises to the sale itself. Now before you freak out, I am all for a professional logo. … [Read more...]