West Bengal State Lottery

West Bengal state lottery is very much popular in West Bengal. The lottery holds draws regularly throughout the year with some occasional special bumper draws which attracts lots of attention due to the high amount of prizes.

You can’t buy the tickets of West Bengal state lotteries online till now, but it’s not hard to find a vendor who is selling tickets in your neighbourhood. The lottery is known as ‘Paschimbanga Rajya Lottery’ locally and is being sold not only in West Bengal but also in other states too.

I personally am not a big fan of lotteries but sometimes I buy one ticket to try my luck. But don’t forget this is a kind of gambling so always play safe. There’s no harm in buying one or two tickets to try your luck but never put all of your earnings in them.

There are some special occasional draws like ‘New Year Bumper’, ‘Rath Yatra Bumper’, ‘Holi Bumper’, ‘Puja Bumper’, ‘Diwali Bumper’ etc which offers more than crores of Rupees as the first prize.

West Bengal State Lottery Results

The results of the West Bengal state lotteries are published in the local popular newspapers in the next day of the date of draw. If you don’t keep newspapers then visit the shop from where you have bought the ticket. They always keep a copy of the results of all lotteries they are selling.

Whenever you buy the ticket don’t forget to check whether it’s original or not. Not all vendors are honest so checking is necessary. If you are interested in buying the lottery tickets visit your local market for more information.

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